Andy Sherman - The Artist

I love hearing, and I love vision. I love them both too much to focus exclusively on one and neglect the other. Most of my output is divided somewhere between the two, and most of my output is time-based; not static.


I have some alter egos (some bigger than others) who give me a chance to explore musical territory that I might be a bit reluctant to do in my own name.


I'm working on some collections of photographs as well as some mixed media collages.

Also on the go is an exciting project in collaboration with James Macdonald which is a video / sound artwork exploring the use of blasphemy in films, titled "Agnus Dei".

Collaboration with Willem Boshoff / KYKAFRIKAANS (Category: Sound Design)

I worked as a Sound Designer / Producer at Wounded Buffalo Studios on this project. (L to R: James Macdonald, Willem Boshoff, Andy Sherman).

KYKAFRIKAANS is a collection of Afrikaans Poetry and Visual Artwork by world-renowned artist Willem Boshoff, written from 1977 to 1980. In 2006, Willem Boshoff began developing, in association with Wounded Buffalo, a recorded sonic interpretation of this seminal body of work.

The video to the right shows selected examples of KYKAFRIKAANS.


Collaboration with João Orecchia (Category: Music)

I've worked with João on his "Hands & Feet" album as well as in a very interesting collaboration with the Universal gospel choir, in a snowball fight event (snow in Johannesburg?!).

Last One Standing: Snowball Fight
Feat. Andy Sherman and João Orecchia.
Live electronic music performed by Andy Sherman and João Orecchia.

Collaboration with Gabrielle Goliath (Category: Visual)

Gabrielle Goliath produced these video artworks.

Bouquet II - Gabrielle Goliath (edited by Andy Sherman)
Missing Persons - Gabrielle Goliath (edited by Andy Sherman)

Wikki Why-T (Category: Music)

Genre: Hip-hop / Pop

PRESS RELEASE: Black Economics Records

When Andrew John Sherman is tired of thinking too hard and making Art in his Dictaphonique project, he puts down his conductor's baton and picks up the Golden Mic.

Yes, that's right folks; Andy Sherman a.k.a. Wikki Why-T is an actual MC; a rapper; the Number One Playa; the Master of Disaster. And although he raps with his tongue firmly in his cheek; he goes down a storm in Soweto...

A skinny white boy pretending to be the New Flava. Funny thing is; he might be just that. It's catchy, mainstream, popular (not pop!); strictly Hip-Hop; heads will rock.

Wikki Why-T

Artist: Draco
Song: Flame in the Darkness (Feat. Wikki Why-T)
Behind the scenes of the music video

Johnny Lovestruck (Category: Music)

Genre: Folk / Electronica / Pop

Not much happening with this project right now; I'm keeping it for a rainy day, which I expect to be having more of, moving from sunny South Africa to the rainy Emerald Isle.

This project is actually very close to my heart. I have an album-full of songs ready to record; I'm just waiting for when it feels right. Watch this space...